Sir Doggie has just launched a New Category focused on Dog Breeds on Their Website.  The first breed they have chosen to cover is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The person behind Sir Doggie is Stuart Cameron, a social worker from Canada, to help pet parents on their journey of being a pet parent.

That is why he set up Sir Doggie to help pet parents from the beginning, especially when it comes to their new pet’s health and well-being. According to Stuart, this will ensure your pet lives a long, happy, and healthy life. Stuarts aims to connect pet parents to the best information, products, and resources for their doggies.

With the new addition of their Springer Spaniel Rory, Stuart considers Sir Doggie to be the best place to find the right information for your pet.

New Category About Dog Breeds

The new category, which focuses on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, includes a complete guide to this particular breed of dog. Sir Doggie will continue to update this category and add other popular and not so popular dog breeds.

This informative guide starts with helpful tips about making sure that you and the king Charles cavalier are a good match before signing any forms. For those interested in learning more about this breed of dog, this guide is also handy.

It also describes king Charles, including its size, weight, coat length and color, and life span, usually around 9 -13 years, depending on certain factors. As well as ways to help take care of your king Charles with the amount of exercise required and how to set up your home to care for your new doggie. Most importantly, the guide includes how to feed and groom your doggie properly.

For those considering a Cavalier King Charles, Sir Doggie describes its personality, and what individual it would be best suited to; for instance, they get on very well with children so that a family home would be a great place. Check out this excellent guide online with the information included about how to adopt or buy from a breeder.

Helpful Tips For Pet Parents

Sir Doggie has a wide range of posts and guides about how to look after your pet, useful products to use, and even training tips and tricks. What if you’re a new pet parent to a boxer? Well, Sir Doggie has a whole post about how to brush this breed carefully. They emphasize brushing at least once a week to remove the dead hairs and give other tips and techniques on how to groom your boxer.

You can find all these informative guides on the Sir Doggie website homepage, and even advice about why you need to brush your dog’s teeth regularly as it is vital for their overall well-being. There’s also a list with the top 10 breeds of guard dogs that can protect you the best and are the perfect match.

More information

Visit the Sir Doggie website today at If you’re a new parent, a current pet parent, or even an individual considering a new doggie, this is ideal for getting the most thorough and informative advice, tips, and techniques for your pet.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Stuart or Rory if you have any questions or queries, email today for more information.


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