Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions is a dog training Sacramento service for dog owners throughout Mount Shasta, the Sacramento Area, the Bay Area, and Southern Oregon. They are proud of the work they have done, successfully helping owners with their dog’s behavioral issues since 2005.

Trainer Blair Diamond is the star of “Think Like A Dog” a Sacramento Morning. What is interesting is that he is working on a secret device that can stop fighting dogs in their tracks. He hopes it will change the dog trainers in Sacramento.

When asked about it he said, “I can’t say much until we get the patent, but I can tell you this new device has changed my training practice and it will change the lives of people who are confronted by aggressive dogs.”

He continued to state that “not only will this be a staple item in all vet clinics and doggie daycare businesses but also we hope to create devices small enough for the everyday runner or shopper to carry in their purse.”

Diamond is, without a doubt a long-time dog advocate, and that is why he warns against trainers that use a different language or nonsensical words like “chierzique” or “strinsquam” for dog commands.

This is because it adds to the difficulty of strangers being able to call off an aggressive dog. So think of the dog commands that you use every day with your dog and decided what you need to change.

Also, Diamond states, “it isn’t the dog’s fault if the runner or stranger is telling the dog no or off when it wasn’t taught to listen to those commands. Thus the necessity of a hand-carried device that will change instantly without words stops an aggressive dog.”

This statement from Diamond clearly shows the great understanding he has of dogs, and that time and patience are required when teaching your particular dog commands.

Diamond has been the go-to guy in California for aggressive behaviorally challenged dogs and their owners.

Blair has a tremendous amount of experience working with dogs. He attended the American College of Applied Science, where he received training in animal behavior analysis.

He has trained with many Master Trainers throughout the United States as he wanted to refine and perfect his unique, personalized approach to training.

Interestingly, Blair has also worked with police dogs, led the industry in dogs trained to detect bed bugs, and has helped thousands of dogs (and owners) across the country overcome all types of behavioral challenges daily.

Blair works and helps out all jobs and industries associated with animals and of course, in particular dogs. Blair consults with veterinary staff as well as dog daycare staff continually to help instruct them on how to best care for dogs in their respective professions, especially those presenting with unique behavioral challenges.

Blair’s most favourite job however, is to train dogs in Mount Shasta, CA, where it provides the dogs in his care the necessary atmosphere to rehab, reboot, and focus on their primal needs in nature, helping each to become calm and balanced: which he believes is the cornerstones of his training approach.

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Along this road, Blair has gathered extensive experience working with dogs in various capacities: He attended the American College of Applied Science, where he received training in animal behavior analysis.

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