Say hello to one of the top products today! Job Dog Company is proud to introduce the innovative BUCKREEL®. The new product is the only high capacity hand held cord reel that can store your small and large cords, high pressure air hose, high pressure water hose, Christmas lights and rope inside a 5 gallon plastic paint/tool bucket. A 5 gallon can store two reels. A 3 ½ gallon can store one reel. Buckets with reusable lids are stackable and offer even more space saving. The new product would give satisfaction to clients who want to store and protect their cords safely and neetly. The product has good quality and assures that cords and more are safe, tangle and damage free. The Job Dog Company see to it that the product pass the preference of buyers. Here, they have a guarantee of excellent work. It keeps cords and more untangled and organized. Customers can make sure that their cords and more are free from damage.

For years, Job Dog Company does its best to give a quality product to its clients. Due to its thirst for innovation, the BUCKREEL® is finally here. The company makes it a point to give its customers the best product. People can expect great results in using the product. It suits the needs of homeowners and commercial owners. They need a reliable tool such as the cord storage reel to keep cords safe and tangle free. The BUCKREEL® does its job by keeping the cords organized and safe in a 5 gallon bucket.

For large and small gauge extension cords, The BUCKREEL® offers a neat more compact and better storage. Using this reel keeps the cords safe from rodents and other outdoor harsh elements. People would have a chance to take care of the extension cord reels they have at home. The durability and quality of the reels are not only excellent for storage. It also serves to preserve the quality and extends the life of the cords. For commercial owners, it offers a sure way to keep the cords safe and neat.

People can store rope in a 5-gallon plastic tool bucket. Here, they can be sure that their ropes are free from sun, water and rodent damage and are safe to use when needed. The product is reliable in making the excellent safekeeping of their rope reel. For the company, homeowners deserve only the best products. So, they do their best to give that to you. The effectiveness of the product is open for many customers to try. It assures that customers would have the satisfaction and innovation that they want and need.

Job Dog Company offers a successful product that comes with innovation quality and durability. Customers can expect good results in having the BUCKREEL® in their homes. It also stores your extra compressor air hose and high pressure water hose.

Customers who need safe and neat Christmas light storage can buy the BUCKREEL its perfect storage for any item that can be rolled on a reel. Customers can be sure that they would have ease of storage. Due to the simple storage approach, customers love it. Buckets with reusable lids can be stacked on top of each other for saving even more space. The BUCKREEL® is perfect for Christmas lights. They can store more than one strand of Christmas lights on one reel.

Job Dog Company is eager to show it to more customers. For them, it can make a change in the lives of their clients. The quality of the reel and the satisfaction of customers make it a great product.

About Job Dog Company:

Job Dog Company aims to give clients the best products. After years of innovation and research, the company gives customers a quality product. With the BUCKREEL®, customers now have a chance to store cords at ease. The company does its best to serve everyone with excellence.


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Job Dog Co was founded by Dave Soto, (inventor/entrepreneur). The company was started to develop, and bring to market, an existing product with new innovative and unique features. After years of research and development, we now have an innovative product ready…

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